This simply decorated and well equipped Robinson Crusoe style house is situated in the Telašćica Natural Park. Within an area of 36m2, it features two bedrooms (each equipped with a double bed), one bathroom (shower, toilet, sink) and a well-equipped kitchen. The house features a balcony with an area of 7m2, which also contains a grill. The accommodation was designed to suit a maximum of four people.

Since the area is uninhabited and in complete isolation (except for some small houses of the same type in the surrounding area), it is ideal for those who long for isolation and harmony with nature. The rocky beach is located just 150 meters from the house, from where you can explore the natural beauty of the Telašćica Natural Park by boat.

Along with all of the above mentioned, during your stay you have the opportunity to participate in fishing and in harvesting grapes and olives, and after that, you can try some seafood specialties of our local cuisine.


01.01. – 01.06. / 50 €

01.06. – 01.07. / 80 €

01.07. – 01.09. / 100 €

01.09. – 01.10. / 80 €

01.10. – 01.01. / 50 €

*Note: The price does not include the tourist tax. Boat rental costs 30€ per day. Breakfast with dinner costs 20€ per person (dinner includes an appetizer, the main course, dessert, wine and brandy).




Address: Telašćica Natural Park, Dugi Otok





shower cabin


1st Bedroom: double bed

2nd Bedroom: double bed


fully equipped


Outdoor area:

balcony: 7m2

quiet and peaceful environment

rocky beach close by


families with children

Type and size:

area: 36m2

resting house

maximum number of guests: 4

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