A divine holiday in the heart of the Adriatic

An ideal accommodation

Find your ideal location that suits your needs among the variety of houses surrounded by nature, furnished rooms and apartments located close to the sea.

Boat rentals

Set out sailing through the Adriatic Sea by ship, boat or speedboat and enjoy unforgettable adventures and experiences.

Unforgettable excursions

Visit the Kornati National Park or the Telašćica Nature Park and discover the enchanting beauty of numerous islands, cliffs, bays and the largest natural ports in the Adriatic.


Dugi Otok – the destination you have been looking for

  • natural beauty
  • sandy beaches, bays, islands
  • the Telašćica Nature Park
  • cultural sights
  • numerous attractions
  • various activities
  • the purity and clarity of the sea
dugi otok

What makes this island a truly attractive destination that will, without any doubt, satisfy even the most demanding visitors are its enchanting sandy beaches and numerous bays of the northwestern part of Dugi Otok that extend along the forested central region all the way to the steep cliffs and rocky grounds of the southeast. Among numerous smaller islands that surround it, the island of Krknata, only two kilometers away from the village of Sali, is certainly one of the most interesting….



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