ï»� The “Divna” Ship

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The “Divna” ship is primarily a charter ship – therefore, it is rented with or without askipper. When it is not rented, it is used for excursions to the Kornati National Park or the Telašćica Nature Park.

The ship is 12 meters long, 4 meters wide, its consumption is 6l/1h and it achieves the speed of 6,5 nm. It features three rooms, one of which has tri beds, the second one has two, and the third one has one bed; thus the accommodation was designed for a maximum of six people at a time. The boat features a kitchen (gas stove, refrigerator cooling 120l), a toilet and a shower. It is equipped with all navigation instruments and it features a rubber dinghy.

Pricelist for 7 days:

01.01. – 01.06. / 1500 € + skipper 100 € per day

01.06. – 15.07. / 1800 € + skipper 130 € per day

15.07. – 15.08. / 2200 € + skipper 130 € per day

15.08. – 15.09. / 1800 € + skipper 100 € per day

15.09. – 31.12. / 1500 € + skipper 100 € per day

*Note: In order to rent a ship you need a permit, but we offer permits with free instructions. The cost for a speedboat skipper is 100€ per day.

Families with children under 12 years of age get a 10% discount.




Adresse: 23281 Sali, Dugi Otok


Class and type:

charter brod


6 l/1h


12 m



shower and toilet

rubber dinghy

current: 220 v i 12 w


1st room: three beds

2nd room: two beds

3rd room: one bed


6,5 nm


water: 400 l (hot, cold)

fuel: diesel 400 l


4 m

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