About Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok poznat je po brojnim uvalama s predivnim plažama

Various sights and numerous natural attractions

Dugi Otok is one of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea, and judging by its natural beauties, it is certainly among the richest and most diverse ones. Numerous island attractions spread throughout 45 kilometers of its length, stretch from the steep cliffs of the southeast up to the spacious sandy beaches of the northwest.

Among many of the beaches, bays, caves and countless islands that surround it, one of the most popular attractions of Dugi Otok is certainly the Telašćica Nature Park, located on its southern side. The Kornati National Park is located in its vicinity, on the northern part of the island. While Kornati is one of the bluest marine ecosystems situated among as many as 89 islands, islets and cliffs, Telašćica is characterized by the bay of the same name that is considered the safest natural port of the Adriatic, by prominent cliffs (the so-called “rocks” of Dugi Otok that rise up to 200 meters above the sea) and by Mir (Peace), the therapeutic salty lake.

The Sakarun sandy beach, the Veli Rat lighthouse, the “Strašna peć” (Frightful furnace) cave

Along with the Telašćica Nature Park, we would emphasize the beautiful Sakarun sandy beach that, thanks to the whiteness of the sand, clear sea and pine woods which surround it, is justifiably considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Zadar County, as the most important characteristic of Dugi Otok. Furthermore, there is a monumental lighthouse called Veli Rat with a height of 42 meters (which makes it the tallest Adriatic lighthouse) and an insufficiently explored cave called “Strašna peć”, which is presumed to have served as a shelter for the first inhabitants of the island, and which is open for visitors during summer.

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